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Madison and Kennedy at the end of the Rainbow Run in 2013

Madison and Kennedy at the end of the Rainbow Run in 2013

The Rainbow Run is planned by two current college seniors. Graduates of Gilmour Academy in Gates Mills, OH, Madison Asher and Kennedy Ricci, began fundraising in their junior year of high school.

They founded a company called Benevolenza Fundraising (Italian for Benevolence) to plan and host charity events for organizations working on the front line to make the world a better place. The Rainbow Run has been hosted four years in a row and has become the group's most successful event raising over $88,000 to date.

Currently, Madison Asher is a senior at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio and is studying advertising and graphic design, while Kennedy Ricci is a senior accounting major at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

Learn more about Madison and Kennedy at Benevolenza Fundraising's blog.

To learn more about Benevolenza Fundraising and their other events, visit www.benevolenzafundraising.com


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